Hoses24 exists to prevent operational downtime for large and supporting industry, through unrivalled fluid management transfer service.
Hoses24 is a fluid transfer specialist with the knowledge, products and workforce to ensure your business continues to operate as it should, all the time. We are your single source provider of superior hydraulic and pneumatic service and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Hundreds of customers across Australia’s mining, civil and agricultural industries rely on Hoses24 as a vital extension of their operations.

And that’s exactly what we are: completely reliable, knowledgeable and well-equipped fluid transfer experts with more than 10,000 parts in each mobile workshop. Our pain-free and round the clock service is conducted by talented, exceptionally well-trained field service technicians. Each one takes enormous pride in what they do.
They will work on your equipment as if it was their own. Our technicians have the professional skills and knowledge to swiftly diagnose your fluid transfer challenges. And because every one of our mobile workshops carries more than 10,000 parts, you can be confident that you will be back to business first time, every time. Plus, to avoid unexpected events the team is on-hand for audits and proven preventative maintenance strategies. As our customers say, there’s nothing more reassuring than to see a fully-stocked Hoses24 mobile workshop arrive just when they need it most.

We deliver our service largely to clients in the mining, industrial, agricultural, and civil industries. Within Hoses24 we deliver two key service groups. The first to machinery, where we perform preventative maintenance, new installation, and break down services. The second into fixed plant infrastructure, where we perform, preventative maintenance or new project installation.
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OUR Clients

Our clients are typically in the mining, civil, industrial & agricultural sectors. Our clients often expect a premium level of service, we focus on regional areas & normally not metropolitan areas. This enables us to provide them with a service that they never knew existed.
"The Hoses24 staff have always shown high standards of customer service with prompt response times."

National Plant & Equipment

Opencut mining

In the mining sector we work heavily with large mining organisations. They are typically in black coal, or the mineral sector. They are either a principal mine operator or they use third party contractors to run the mine production. Safety is the highest priority in the mining sector, due to this high-risk environment Hoses24 puts an emphasis on the health & safety in every operation.

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underground mining

Hoses24 works with contractors that often run these mines. They typically will run either whole or parts of the mining contract. Their infrastructure usually comprises of a mixture of excavators normally 200-600 tonne in size & truck operations that are large in nature, supported by axillary equipment such as track dozers, graders & other smaller earth moving equipment.

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Oil & Gas

The oil and gas mining industry is a critical sector that plays a pivotal role in meeting global energy demands. Extracting valuable resources from the earth requires complex machinery and infrastructure, with the reliance on durable and efficient equipment being paramount. In this dynamic environment, Hoses24 emerges as a key player in servicing the oil and gas mining industry.

Hoses24 specialises in providing top-notch hose solutions tailored to the rigorous demands of the oil and gas sector. As a leading supplier of high-performance hoses, the company ensures the seamless transfer of fluids and materials essential for extraction, processing, and transportation within the industry.

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From small scale farming equipment to large scale primary producers Hoses24 supports the community and provides the same service expectations for our local produce and farming community as we do the mining sectors.

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Due to the remote areas Hoses24 typically operate in, a lot of the industrial and civil companies we provide services to, are also service providers to the mining industry. Civil contractors normally maintain community buildings, roads, and infrastructure to support the local communities of the mining sector. They generally are smaller contractors in nature & use similar equipment to the mining sector just smaller in scale. The industrial contractors we work for support the local community’s infrastructure and Hoses24 provides hydraulic products & services to these people

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Servicing industrial industries involves understanding the machinery, equipment, and systems used in the industrial settings, and ensuring they operate efficiently and reliably. Knowing what is needed and when it's needed most requires a strategic approach and a good understanding of the equipment and its maintenance requirements. Hoses24 focuses on these aspects, providing an effective and timely solution while building long-term relationships with clients.

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Hoses24 acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we live and work. We pay our respects to elders past, present, and emerging.
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